The 3 Most Popular Live Online Casino Games

18 July 2023
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


The most popular live casino games online are those that emulate the experience of a land-based casino. Players like you want more choice beyond the traditional random number generator (RNG) games, where you're basically playing against a computer. That's why today, you can play live casino games online via HD streaming, with live dealers dealing the cards and spinning the roulette wheel. 

The best live casinos online provide a choice of more than 20 games, including traditional table games and contemporary entertainment options, such as board games and titles based on popular game shows. Here are three of the best live casino games you can play right now.


There are two main variants of live blackjack. One is seven-seat blackjack, where you sit at a virtual table with seven hands. The other is unlimited blackjack, where each player is dealt one hand, but there's no limit to how many players can join you at the table.

Some variants offer side bets, while others don't. There are also differences in the local rules i.e., splits, doubles, and surrenders.


A popular game in Asia, you'll find live baccarat available at most live casinos. There are several variants available too. Traditional baccarat is widespread. Evolution Gaming, a software provider that develops live casino games, also gave people Speed Baccarat, which is great if you enjoy fast-paced games. There's also Baccarat Squeeze, where the dealer squeezes the cards, and Controlled Squeeze, which allows you to squeeze the cards yourself.

The best variants of live baccarat offer side bets to make the game even more exciting. Golden Wealth Baccarat and Lightning Baccarat give you a chance to boost payouts thanks to multiplier cards. And Peek Baccarat enables you to increase your bet during the middle of the game once the dealer has revealed a few of the cards.


Roulette just might be the most popular live casino game of all. While it's possible to play Live American Roulette, Live European Roulette is a more popular variant of the classic game. Automatic Roulette is also popular with live casino players. In this game, the wheel is spun by compressed are, and a computer reads out the results.

There are more and more native language tables being added by game providers, which makes life easier if English isn't your first language. There are also some great wins to be had, with potential windfalls of more than 10,000x your bet available.

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